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Adam X @ CLR Podcast #163

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http://www.clr.net — http://img195.imageshack.us/img195/8569/228ss.jpg

Adam X CLR Podcast Track Listing

1.Giorgio Gigli / Obtane-Theory Of Radical Structures (Orphx Remix)
2.VCMG -Spock(Regis Remix) (Mute)
3.The Secret Initiative-Sentiment Of Pity(The Secret Initiative)
4.Henning Baer-Folsom(Sonic Groove)
5.Norther Structures-9 To 5(Sonic Groove)
6.Reeko In A Different World(Planet Rhythm)
7.Delko- Diamonds(Propellant Music)
8.BCR Boys-Chaos Audio(Nachtstrom Schallplatten)
9.Realmz Left To My Devices(Sonic Groove Unreleased)
10.Christopher Kah Electronic Body Manipulation(Zimbalam)
11.Pär Grindvik-Sinister Gary Beck Remix(Sinister)
12.G-man & Rob Strobe Skotch(Sonic Groove)
13.Rrose-Waterfall(Sandwell District)
14.Exaltics-They Arrive(Creme Organization)
15.Orphx-Cut Through(Sonic Groove)
16.Darkcell-Dusty(Perc Remix)(Fluxus Records)
17.Ryuji Takeuchi-Capabilty(Hue Helix)
18.Adam X & Perc(Perc Trax **Future Release**)
19.Alexey Volkov-Nomad(Tommy Four Seven Remix)(Planet Rouge)
20.Sonar Vanished(Ant-Zen)
21.Monolith Wisdom Of The Prophet(Daft)
22.Shapednoise White Light White (Dino Sabatini Remix)(Repitch)
23.Traversable Wormhole-Present Hypersurface(CLR / Traversable Wormhole)
24.Marcel Dettman-Answer Code (Music Man)

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