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The Vault - May 28, 2008 with Anton Banks

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http://www.antonbanks.com — Here's the latest archive Anton Banks's show."The Vault airs every other Wednesday night from 9:30 pm until 11:00 am (21:30 to 23:00 US Eastern Time = GMT -5:00) on 88.1 FM WESU. WESU also broadcasts via the internet. Visit the station's website www.antonbanks.com for the details.



Mudboy, Study For A Sleep Album 2nd Movement, Ambient Not Not Ambient, Audio Dregs
Broker/Dealer, Midnight, 10 Years 100 Releases, Traum
Anton Banks, Kinematic, mp3
the Youngsters, Subotic, Emotionz

Mix by Anton Banks

E*vax, Aw!, Ambient Not Not Ambient, Audio Dregs
Pan Sonic, Muerto Neste, Mute
Decoy, Your Eyes (Mark Broom Dublin rmx), D1 Records
Go Hiyama, Perfect Mathmatics (Jeroen Liebregts rmx), Audio Assault
Jeroen Liebregts, The Drivers Seat, Audio Assault
Against Nature, Nothine And No One, Tresor
Ant & Kenichi Niwayama, Tokyo Device, Power Tools
Fredrik Almquist, Being and Becomming, Drumcode
Takaaki Itoh, Ethopia Version 1, Asian Dynasty
Ben Long, The Nutz, Epochworx
Paul Mac, From Below Beats, Sino
Vincent De Wit & Stephan De Wit, Fair Trade, Zwart
Loktibrada, Signal 3, Olga & Josef
Surgeon, Bad Hands II, Dynamic Tension
Subtractive Synthesis, Voyeur (The Advent rmx), Synewave
Let's Go Outside, Speak My Language, Soma
The Advent, Don't You Cry, Masters of Disasters
Takaaki Itoh, Cry State of Desparation (Christian Wunsch rmx), Wols
Vincent De Wit & Stephan De Wit, Tracking Up, Zwart
Oscar Mulero, Faithless Days, Tresor
Regis, White Stains, Downwards
Archetype, Circles Of Energy, Black Nation
Chris Liebing, Next Try (Ian J. Richardson rmx), CL Retry
Olaf Apholz, APW001B, Apwood
Pan Sonic, Phudistus, Mute

Recloose, Four Ways Of Saying Goodbye, Spelunking, Planet-E

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