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Trevor Wilkes - Bleep 62

Posted by tomo 4145 days ago techno| download acid classics All
Bleep 62 from Trevor Wilkes.

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Bleep Radio #62
Aired: June 7th, 2007
Mixed by: Trevor Wilkes

None of the guest mixes that have been lined up are in yet so I filled the gap with a random bunch of records. It seems I was in the mood for some older stuff this week. Plenty of Acid to go around!


00 - 3d!t "Bleep Radio Intro"
A long, long time ago in a totally different era I asked Ed to make me up an intro for Bleep. This was the teaser that's been done so far. I may as well use it!

01 - The Jungle Brothers "I'll House You %28Houseapella%29" Warlock Records 22 [I'll House You EP 1988]
This is one of my favorite house tracks, it's a combination of the vocals and the Todd Terry beats that make it excellent. Todd can make my rump jump!

02 - Soul Grabber & The Stickmen "Hey Bryce" NRK 22 [Untitled EP 1999]
I don't actually know where this record came from. It doesn't ring any bells or even memory fragments. I needed something kinda tribal / filtered disco to jump from the Jungle Brothers to Surfin' Bernard though. It'll probably never be played again. I think we all discover little crustys in the shelves or bins from time to time eh?

03 - Surfing Bernard "Partyboy" Shed Records 01 [Untitled EP 2003]
!!! I love Surfin Bernard. They take the rawkus go get em attitude of the sort of Techno I like and meld it with lyrics that remind me of old Funk or even older Rock. I need more of them for sure.
Discog's link w/ more information

04 - Dave Angel "Funk Music" Island Records [Funk Music EP 1997]
Dave has these periods, most of them in the mid to late 90's I think where he just blew the socks off of everyone track-wise. It was distinctive and full of thump funk. This isa great/fun track and it's probably one of the worse ones from that era. So much more was even better. I love one in particular...if only I can remember what the hell it's called!

05 - Inner City "Good Life" White
Classic. I'll go ages not touching it as I've only got some crappy white label of it - so it kinda hides for long periods. But every so often I'll put it on to see what it is and the starting hooks me all over again. It starts off so Art of Noise I can't resist..

06 - Dj Fex "Acid Forever (Dj Tommy Four Seven Remix)" Brique Rouge 63 [Acid Forever EP 2007]
The original Fex mix doesn't really do much for me, but the Tommy... mix is good stuff. It's got a newer, cleaner, acid sound, but still has all the elements that old stuff was sportin. Don't ask me to break it down anymore. I refuse to put too much thought into it.

07 - Brother From Another Planet "Acid Wash Conflict" 7th City 22 [Seventh City Classics Volume 1 EP 2007]
I always wondered why this record went for so much on Ebay, I mean it's a decent old acid track, but the money some people spent on it was just plain silly. I only paid $13 CAD. Why? Because I just waited until it was repressed of course. Well....it was the song on the flip I wanted more so. In the next Bleep you'll hear that!

08 - Jacob London "Rise Squirrels Rise" Utensil Recordings 19 [Dropping Squirrels EP 2007]
Retarded, stop-start, Disco! I'm not too keen on many Jacob London releases, but this new one had 2-3 tracks on it that put some shimmy in my step.

09 - Armando "Downfall" Cbag [Untitled EP 2007]
Classic! Again, this is an old acid track I'd wanted for years and just never stumbled across for a decent price. I was thoroughly stoked when it was repressed. If this song doesn't make you want to jack, your jack muscle must be sprained. For those of you who like the acid line, but prefer harder Techno....this acid line was featured in one of the recentish Killa Production EP's. If you can't find it and want it just ask and I'll point you in the right direction.

10 - ### "01" Feinwerk 13 [Untitled EP 2007]
I still don't know who the hell this is. It's the one track on this EP I like though.

11 - Paul Birken "Numbskull" L'Hallucidite 07 [Hors Serires 07 EP 2007]
This is another example of a track that I wanted for years, but went for far too much on Ebay. Originally on the Surfin' Superior LP on Woody McBride's Communique label (Mid-West Acid!). This track is now resting on it's laurel's on this French label. I made the mistake of burning this mix for my car. Now I get constant looks of wonderment when the passing drivers see me fist pumping to this track.

12 - Public Energy "Three 'O Three" Probe 05 [Three 'O Three EP 1992]
I seem to have been on a bit of a rave track, acid kick. Public Energy is also known as Speedy J. I'm not a fan of the stuff he does now a days, but there was a time when he owned me. This is a Canadian label too. Take that world! Unfortunately Probe ended it's run a long time ago. Fortunately it ended with one of the best LP's ever released...

13 - Dj Lenk "Untitled" Drumcode 26 [142 EP 2003]
I think Lenk is Jesper Dahlback. I'm not sure and when ever I do check it out I always forget in fairly short order. This is probably the only Drumcode I've bought out of the last 25 or so...(what are they even up to now???). It's a cranky, frenetic acid stomper that tugs at my heart strongs.

14 - Circuit Breaker "Creator" Probe 30 [The End LP 1996]
Yes, the best acid record ever released. Hands down. Two slabs of wax with perfection etched into each side. Circuit Breaker??? it's Richie Hawtin when he had balls. A long, long time ago, before the neutering.

15 - X-ES "Roller-Coaster" Freaky Records 1011 [Volume 1 EP 1991]
This is one of the many Eric Van Der Broek alias'. He has so many it's hard to remember, but this one was only used for two Ep's. Both old, both only had 1 good track that really didn't date poorly.

16 - Unknown "Unknown" White
I probably knew what this record was at one point in my life, but not any more. I know that there are at least two loops from it that make it into a good portion of Neil Landstrumm's live-set. So if anyone recognizes this track...let me in on it so I can label the damn thing.

17 - Juiceboxx & Dre Skull "Sweat %28Dre Skull's Dusted Bass Mix%29" Vicious Pop Records [Sweat Ep 2006]
For some reason I almost fell guilty for liking this song. Not sure why, maybe it's because I know my Girlfriend likes it as well. I'm still debating whether or not that's good...

The next Bleep which is a Daniel Bell and Todd Sines tribute/death match/versus type show may or may not air live next week. I'll be on Vacation. I've set Fun in the Murky to automatically publish the post with it though so it'll be there to grab, or you can just wait until I get home and put it out and about.
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