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TheFreshPage Sessions V

Posted by Aaron 4016 days ago techno|
http://www.thefreshpage.com — There are few dj's who work as hard as Aaron Bradley to push their skills and take the art of dj'ing to he next level.

With several highly popular mixes already released on TheFreshpage it was only natural to ask Aaron Bradley to create an exclusive mix for us. TheFreshpage Sessions 5 takes on a new twist shying away from electro house and brings you the warmth of funky deep house music. With that said you definitely need to prepare yourself for getting your freak on as the cover of this release is not the only thing that's going to give you tingles down your spine! Deep basslines carries the groove from the get go and transforms to the jazzy rhythms of Chuck Love's Learn to Love. But things get a little f-r-e-a-k-y with Peace Division's It's Here It's Now only to come back with the acid jazz flavour of the following tracks La thomberia and Hula Hula. But Aaron saves one of the best for the last part of the set, Joey Youngman's Heatwave Jackin which is so hot it might just heat up your ear lobes. With impeccable mixing and funky track after funky track Aaron Bradley sheds a new light on TheFreshpage Sessions.
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