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Reade Truth Planet E exclusive guest DJ mix

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Go there for the download link and to see the full tracklist.

According to column archives for 1997-2000--
--here's what I was diggin' this time ten years ago
(scary how time flies, but great that so many of the following
are still makin' me smile--especially as I recover from my
2 year old daughter having just attempted to make yet another
assault on my vinyl collection; I truly hope my son, scheduled for
birth in June, likes *listening* to vinyl more than his sister likes
throwing it around and dancing on it!):

01. Cristian Vogel--"Busca Invisibles" 2 X LP (DM Tresor test)
02. Anthony Shakir--"Tracks For My Father" EP (US Seventh City test)
03. Dan Curtin--"Spatial Relationships" EP (US Metamorphic test)
04. The Hacker--"Le Danseur Parfait" EP (UK Magic Trax)
05. Unspecified Enemies--"Multi-Ordinal Tracking Unit" EP (UK Counterattack)
06. DJ Jasper and Kit Clayton--"Detention" EP (US Cytrax test)
07. Todd Sines--"Null" EP (DM Background test)
08. Stewart S. Walker--"Jet Fuel And Longing" EP (US Belief Systems test)
09. Merrick Brown--"Crime Of Stealth" EP (US Tektite advance cassette)
10. Donnell Knox--"Mystical Illusions" EP (US Sonic Mind test)
11. DJ Godfather--"Aliens Got My 808" EP (US Twilight 76 test)
12. The Parallax Corporation--"Lift Off" 12" (NL Viewlexx)
13. Wolfgang Voigt--"Orange Red" EP (DM Freiland)
14. Various--"United Efforts Volume One - Interference Invention" EP (SE G-Force test)
15. Tim Baker--"Underground Authority" EP (US Elephanthaus test)
16. Various--"The Men You'll Never See" EP (NL Clone/C2)
17. Tekonivel (Mika Vainio of Pan Sonic)--"Gulab Jamoon" EP (US Tension test)
18. Steve Stoll--"Observer" EP (US Proper)
19. I-F--"Playstation #2" (DM Disko B test)
20. DJ Future Shock--"The Third Wave" 12" (UK SouthWest 20 test)
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