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Two mixes from Pan-Pot, composed of Thomas Benedix, Tassilo Ippenberger and Marco Resmann, who have also recently released their album Pan-O-Rama. The first is from Berlin Mitte Institute (October 11, 2007) and the next is a studio mix from

Mitte mix:
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And the studio mix:

1 - pan-pot,ape shall never,mobilee
2 - false, fed on youth, voices
3 - aural distortion, plasma, peter dildo rmx, tsuba
4 - the skull, all you booty shakers, kindisch
5 - marco carola, feel it, plus 8
6 - Samuel L Session, the stick, sls rmx, klapklap
7 - pan-pot, charly, mobilee
8 - adam beyer, china girl, madeye
9 - wacker & zittrich, rough collies, anthony collins rmx, meerestief
10 - plan tec, espias psiquicios, jonas kopp rmx
11 - jitzu, cyclette, anna rmx
12 - pheek, orage solaire, tim xavier rmx, archipel
13 - marek hemman, lowdown, raummusik
14 - mountain people, mountain04, word and sound

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