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Gui Boratto Live Set - Radio Magnetic

Posted by Clampants 3976 days ago techno| boratto stream streaming minimal techno house kompakt All
http://www.radiomagnetic.com — "Kompakt's Brazilian rep, Gui Boratto raids his record collection for his debut compilation mix. 'Addicted to : Volume 2' arrives in October on Platipus records but don't let that put you off cause this is one of the finest minimal mixes released in a long time.

Gui has had a pretty massive year in 2007 releasing his debut album 'Chromophobia', playing throughout the US and Europe and to see the year out Radio Magnetic present an exclusive live set from the man himself."


1. Gui Boratto - Untitled - Unreleased
2. Gui Boratto - Mr Decay - Kompakt
3. Gui Boratto - Sequential Circus - Simple
4. Gui Boratto - Tales From The Lab - Defrag
5. Gui Boratto - Matryoshka - Kompakt Extra
6. Gui Boratto - Sin - Systematic
7. Gui Boratto - Gate 7 - K2
8. Gui Boratto - Arquipelago - K2
9. Gui Boratto - Beautiful Life - Kompakt

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