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The Future Is Here

Posted by detroitologist 2920 days ago techno| remembering the quincy house! detroit#@! All
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The mass consumer lifestyle that we support is strip-mining our small scale cultures of their perception of reality. The United States has become largely homogenous, the situations all too predictable. The built environment following WWII is almost entirely isomorphic where each building type is hardly distinguishable from the next. With our modernism we’ve stuck everything in a box. Along with all the creativity that has put music and art at the forefront of popular culture, Planning and Architecture in the United States has created one giant suburban hell stretching from ocean to ocean.

(sorry some tape drag near the beginning)

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2920 days ago
Model 500 > Future

MAS 2008 > Straight Into The Future

Electric Soul > X²

X-ile > DB4W-046?

D.J. Godfather > Pump


DJ Dijital >Prototype

Channel One - Technicolor

Kraftwerk > Numbers

Reese > Rock To The Beat (Hitman Mix)

Octave One > Blackwater (Instrumental)

Mark Kinchen > Feel The Fire

Rhythim Is Rhythim > Beyond The Dance
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