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FLEX Club Vienna goes VINYL_part 3!

Posted by fsp 3885 days ago techno| minimal techno All
http://www.flexschallplatten.at — Flexschallplatten, Vienna
Smacs & Patrick Kong - "Coming From" EP [FSP_003]

Two guys, one passion: electronic dance music with soul.
Since the end of the 90s Smacs & Patrick Kong dedicated them self to one mission: ground breaking dance music plus productions and live DJ sets with style. To grab the attention of their listeners, both use the synergy effect
out of production and live set - no doubt , it's a unique hearing experience.

Their passion for electronic dance music has been spread beyond the borders of their home country Austria. With their current release on the Viennese label 'Flexschallplatten' - Smacs & Patrick Kong have proofed to set a sight on the music scene of the Austrian Alps.

Listen Here:


The Youngsters [F-Communications / 2020 Vision]:
"I love those tracks!!! My preference goes to FACE A!!! It's a bomb...!!!

Tim Paris [Crack & Speed/Marketing Music]:
"Smacs and Patrick Kong are some of the upcoming producers with the most amazing productions skills. 'Coming From' is a great single, some artists I will follow very closely!"

Peter Kruder [G-Stone]:
"Smacs & Patrick Kong - A Coming from
Cool bouncy chords....ruff and deep ... will play.

Trick & Kubic [Great Stuff]:
"i have to say that i like all 3 tracks! even the dubby eiszeit, oh yoon but at most coming from, very nice tech house track! as i mean. i will play it for 100%"

Moonbootica [Moonbootique]:
"i love all 3 tracks, in which “oh yoon” is the best track for our sets.
thight productions. keep on!"

Frank Mueller aka Beroshima [Müller Rec./Cocoon]:
"Eiszeit ist probably not the real dance track of this release, but for me is it the most musically developed. Situated somewhere between electro and techno; some parts remind me at legowelt or similar tracks of bunker."

Matt Flores [Compost Black/Farside/Combination Rec.]:
"deep as the Marianengraben, epic like Wagner and mooving like a winter storm , patrick and smacs, the new austrian "wunderkinder" , wrote a big 12", the track "coming from" is my favourite on that record...my misses is banging her head constantly to the beats, really like the ol´school house chords jacking over the hi-tec elements, big tunes"

Christopher Just [Gigolo/Giant Wheel/Combination Rec.]:
"a homogeneous, classy produced, balanced Vinyl.
for shure a good start to position a label"

Dr. Motte [Tresor/Ministry of Sound/MFS/...]:
[i]"wow “coming from” runs here in loop
great great great!"

Michael Burian [Flesh/Circle Music]:
"i like b2 Version best. really cool track!"
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