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Detroitologist - My Detroit

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While Architects and Planners attempt to bring sanity and order to the chaotic city the true magnificence of the city is in it's inherent magnetism... millions of people attracted to miles of streets and cars, the noise of bars and cafes spilling onto the street, hundreds of people crowded together on sidewalks and in subway stations, the air filled with smog and food, the kaleidoscope of shops, the lines of people outside theaters and museums. The city is a stage for the creative and the expressive, a huge broadcast of ideas. The city has often been the core from which the character and culture is built. There is no architecture that can stop this. No planning exists to drain the city and create new life on the outside. The experiment of suburbs could not pull all the people away from their cities. If anything the people polarized into either city or suburb creating this clear division between the two opposing existences. The romantic picture painted by architects and planners of people living in quiet suburbs in utopian autonomy from the city can only be called successful because the people are there. Today the suburbs are the symbol of a life of boredom while the city continues to pulse. The apparent revival of the downtown or the main street is not the result of the propaganda of New Urbanism or some new found economic feasibility. People formed cities ten thousand years ago and have been there ever since. Cities are a part of our basic human design.

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3065 days ago
Saying "the suburbs are the symbol of a life of boredom" is a matter of personal opinion for Detroitologist. You can't interpret that statement as "matter of fact." It's only a symbol of boredom for the socialite which primarily consists of young adults. I grew up in NYC and relocated to Pennsylvania as a pre teen. Yes I admit there is more for me in NYC then Pennsylvania as far as social, music, & dining events are concerned. There are a lot of people who have had enough of the trashy collectivist attitude of the obnoxious coffee shop liberal, union worker, and punk kids with their hat on sideways that you are going to find in the city.

Detroit could be a great city if they had a mayor running it instead of a degenerate drug induced Marxist. They should let paxahau.com run the city. It seems like they're the only organization that knows how to get people from all around the world to spend their hard earned dollars in this poor city that was once so great and has now been desecrated from "collective rights", "corporate taxation", and lets not forget he big one we call "entitlement"!

I'd move to Detroit if there were jobs. Hell...even Axel Foley left Detroit for Beverly Hills.
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3001 days ago
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3062 days ago
tracklist please!!!
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3001 days ago
Not a tracklist really - but one huge THANK YOU to the following people for the music in this mix#@!

Keith Tucker

all at planet-e

Brian Harden

Paul Johnson

Aztec Mystic

Octave One

Laurent Garnier

Derrick May + D-Wynn

Afrika Bambaataa

Mas 2008

DJ Dijital

Model 500

(best my memory can do)
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