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Brian Ffar (Siteholder) Live at Smartbar

Posted by tomo 3446 days ago techno| download minimal chicago All
It's been a while since we mentioned Brian Ffar (Red Line Sessions 56) on this site but he's kept on releasing Red Line Sessions. More recently is his set on the opening night for Superpitcher (Kompakt) at Smartbar (Chicago) on May 1, 2009.

01. Giovani Verga - 5am Train [Trenton]
02. Garnica - Condiciones [Trenton]
03. Plastic FM - Buy Code [Ostwind]
04. Art Bleek - Modern Spaced [Connaiseur]
05. Casarano & Valenzuela - Tia Anita (Alejandro Vivanco Remix) [Andes]
06. Tallgodess - Dein Leiben [5000 Recordings]
07. Guy Noir - Delusion (I Can't Sing) [District of Corruption]
08. Alex Maresh - Drinking Problem [mONOmENTAL]
09. Carlos Sanchez, DJ Ray - Mr. Robin [Budenzauber]
10. Matt Thibideau - Asphalt [Cynosure]
11. Harry Axt - Pick A Chick [Rompecabeza]
12. Housewerks - Dream Snatch [1Trax]
13. Plastic FM - Twin Machine [Ostwind]

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