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22Feb09 edition of Andrew Duke In The Mix show avail. to DL or stream

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http://cognitionaudioworks.com — lotsa goodies, Detroit-stuff, and more on new show
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3521 days ago
Cognition Audioworks presents Andrew Duke In The Mix (est. 1987)

show #2308 recorded February 22, 2009

full artist/title/mix/label/cat#/release date tracklist follows



previous 2 shows:





promos for show consideration (please send whatever format is easiest for you)

& remix requests are welcome;

email remix requests & download links to WAV/MP3 promos on andrew@andrew-duke.com

CD/vinyl promos can be mailed (declare as "promo/no commercial value/$0" for customs) to

Andrew Duke Cognition Audioworks

57 Hastings Drive Dartmouth NS Canada B2Y 2C7

classics from Omar S & Theo Parrish; exclusive debut of a forthcoming Shawn Rudiman track;

exclusive edits of Giuseppe Ielasi, Antony & The Johnsons, Carly Rae Jepsen;

forthcoming/new contributions from Jens Loden, Orlando Voorn, Aufgang, Krazy Baldhead, Bill Van Loo,

Itokim, Tomi Chair, Pheek, Mateo Murphy, Jason Fine, Luke Hess, DJ Compufunk, The Black Dog,

Thomas Lauren, Giorgos Gatzigristos, Brendon Moeller, Federleicht, Estroe, John Tejada, Losoul,

MyMy, Paris Brightledge, Shaun Reeves, Matt Hagerty, Maayan Nidam, Miss Fitz, MXM,Maxime Tanguay, Vapor,

Stefano Vozza, Martin Mueller, Marko Fuerstenberg, Sgi, Robert Babicz, Playmod, 5treetcleaner, Ruoho Ruotsi,

Ark, Dolibox, Nasty Boy, Wang Inc, Dirty Digital, Legal Disko, Grau, Boltzmann, Paul Hazendonk, Alert,

Hector, Bryant, Appleblim, Al Tourettes, Pawel Kobak, Maria Angeli, Raph Dumas, Splatter, Fog, Midnight Pulse,

Enzo Elia, Martin Patino, Santos Resiak.

01. Jens Loden--First One (Orlando Voorn's Zombie's Disko mix) (from First One remixes) [Fine Art FA13] Mar09

02. Aufgang--Chanel 7 (Krazy Baldhead remix) (from Sonar) [Infine IF2015] 23Mar09

03. Bill Van Loo--Ypsilanti By Night (from Ypsilanti By Night) [Chrome Decay CD005]

04. Giuseppe Ielasi--track 3 of 9 (from Aix) [12k 1051] Andrew Duke edit

05. Itokim--Between Two Worlds (Tomi Chair remix) [Nice & Nasty] May09

06. Pheek--Right On (Mateo Murphy & Pheek's Reductive Techno mix) (from Slaughter House) [Archipel ARCHPL015]

07. Jason Fine--Midwest N (Luke Hess' Deep Detroit mix) (from Our Music Is A Secret Order remixed)

[Kontra Musik KM009] 18Mar09

08. DJ Compufunk--Black Shadow (from Black Shadow/Ninja Clone) [Motech MTD-016]

09. The Black Dog--0093 (Berlin mix) (from Vexing) [Soma 263] Apr09

10. Thomas Lauren--Milestone (Gatzigristos Movement) (from Day After Day) [Manual MANDIG 017]

11. Brendon Moeller--Traffic New Wipers (from Safari) [Third Ear] Mar09

12. Federleicht--Supergooses (Estroe remix) (from Supergooses) [Night Drive NDMLEP010] Mar/Apr09

13. John Tejada--Better Days (from Fractals) [Palette PAL-054]

14. Losoul--Slightly (from Slightly) [Playhouse PLAY151] 09Mar09

15. MyMy--Going Going (from All Night Long comp) [Aus Music AUSCD04] 11May09

16. Paris Brightledge--Without Love [Raisani RSNI011] 10Mar09

17. Shaun Reeves--Out Of Touch (from Patience) [Wolf + Lamb WL053]

18. Matt Hagerty--Dawn's Song (from My Understanding Of The Truth) [Subtrak018]

19. Maayan Nidam (Miss Fitz)--Soltando Chispa (from Night Long) [Power Shovel Audio] 27Apr09

20. MXM--Move Me (Twisted mix) (from Move Me) [Philpot PHP034]

21. Maxime Tanguay--The Time And Its Meaning (from The Time We Spent) [Pertin-nce P25] 23Feb09

22. Vapor--Walk The Mean Streets (from Truth) [Open Concept OCR-015]

23. Stefano Vozza--20 (Martin Mueller remix) (from 20 remixes Part One) [Dublin Express DXR015]

24. Antony & The Johnsons--Daylight & The Sun (from The Crying Light) [Secretly Canadian SC194]

Andrew Duke's Cry For Daylight edit

25. Shawn Rudiman--Synthetic Aesthetics (from Blue Collar Futurist) unreleased white label

26. Marko Fuerstenberg--Espenhain (Sgi remix) (from Eibenstock) [Baum 005]

27. Robert Babicz--Galaxy Border (from Mechanic Side Of Nature (Part 2) comp) [Circle 007b]

28. Brendon Moeller--The Big Thrill (Lemos remix) [Connaisseur Superieur CNSS014-6] 25Feb09

29. Playmod--Not So Sober (5treetcleaner edit) (from Palakidas House) [Diplomatik DPLDIG004]

30. MXM--Dislok8ted Science (from Dislok8ted Science) [Amp-Art AMP12001]

31. Ruoho Ruotsi--Bramble Bramble (from Afternoon Delighting) [De'fchild DCP012]

32. Ark & Dolibox--Cidrevicious (from Be My Baby) [Karat 40] 13Apr09

33. Nasty Boy--Trash & Easy (Bleupulp remix) [Dialtone DT032] 23Feb09

34. Wang Inc--You Are Late (from Meditations For A Better World Volume 2) [Persistence Bit BIT025] 23Feb09

35. Dirty Digital (Qwazaar & Silence)--Turn Me Up (from Shockah!) [Lefthouse]

36. Legal Disko--Need A Beat (Deep Disco dub) [Enjoy ENJ015] Mar09

37. Grau--Contractura (Krilo dub) (from Switch House Time) [Mischievous Musiq MISCHIE011]

38. Boltzmann--Pirate (Hazendonk's Eye Patch mix) [Stolen Moments STM008]

39. Federleicht--On The Streets (Kollektiv Turmtasse Core mix) [Connaisseur CNS026-6]

40. Alert--Abra Cadaver (from Abra Cadaver) [Oblivion Fringe OF-052]

41. Hector & Bryant--Tension (Appleblim & Al Tourettes remix) [Phonica PHR001] 16Mar09

42. Pawel Kobak & Maria Angeli--Sphinx (Raph Dumas remix) [Lace 009]

43. Splatter--Quarantine (from Akinetopsia) [Miniatura MINIA021]

44. Fog--Freaking (Midnight Pulse remix) [VIM 021]

45. Enzo Elia--Helen (Martin Patino remix) [Young Odds YOD5020] 11Mar09

46. dberlitz--Orglar (from Don't Forget Your Roots) [Black & White Orange BWO016) 16Mar09

47. Santos Resiak--Check My Cumbia (from Miercoles) [Unfoundsound 39]

48. Omar S--Day (from 004) [FXHE AOS-004] 2004

49. Theo Parrish--Carpet People Don't Eat Steak Soda (from Musical Metaphors) [Sound Signature SS-001] 1997

50. Carly Rae Jepsen--Tug Of War (from Tug Of War) [Fontana North]

Andrew Duke's 2 Good 2 B True edit

Tomi Chair--Lullaby For A Nightmare (Andrew Duke's Crispy Creepy Crawly Alien Funk mix)

(Nice & Nasty NANO52) available now:


(I'm from Halifax NS Canada; some of the stores have listed me as being from Chicago! :))


Andrew Duke In The Mix weekly mixshow (est. 1987), plus excl. DJ mixes (Alland Byallo,

Daniel Bell, Colette, Minto George, Jason Pelletier), PAs (Stewart Walker), interviews (Aux 88):


sound design and music content provider:






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