Tresor closing letter

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We hereby disclose that on 16 April 2005 Tresor Club will celebrate the last party in its Leipzigerstrasse location.

The property landlord Bauwert Development Delta GmbH & Co. has amiably allowed this last extended time limit. After that an office structure for the Volksfürsorge will be constructed on the premises.

We would like to thank everyone, all the artists, co-workers or guests that have, for over 14 years, made this utopia in the heart of Berlin possible. In order to arrange a worthy conclusion, our intention is to invite all the artists that have so clearly left a mark on the club to say loudly “goodbye and see you soon!” during the period between 01 – 16 April.

For the future we are working to resurrect the Tresor phenomena in a new home location. We welcome any dialog and co-operation with the city’s decision makers concerning the situation. Tresor would like to proceed and realise its mission to be instrumental in the further development of electronic forms of expression.

More information coming soon...

With sincere affection,
The Tresor Team
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