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Azaryx 54kolaktiv podcast # 9

Posted by Azaryx 3140 days ago news| electro braindance All
http://www.54kolaktiv.com — Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
The mix goes from oldschool detroit electro à la
Drexciya/Gosub to rephlexian braindance à la DMX/
Urban Tribe to high speed electro à la Stingray, ending
with some chiller moodier stuff (all vinyl).

1. Intro. Moodymann. Radio (excerpt). Peace Frog Recordings
2. Gosub. Earth Recompile. Frustrated Funk
3. Dmx Krew. Emerging Technology Remix. Breakin Records
4. As1. From The Above. Transient Force
5. Arpanet. Orbital Wavelenghts. Rephlex Records
6. Gosub. The Element II (Metal Beast Mix). Point One
7. Gosub. Lost In Our Ways . Frustrated Funk
8. Distorto. Distorto 3. Distorto
9. Dmx Krew. Loch Ness Monster. Breakin Records
10. Caustic Window. Joyrex J5 (aka 4-Lom). Rephlex Records
11. Urban Tribe. Rna World. Rephlex Records
12. Urban Tribe. Her. Trust
13. L.A.M.. Irradiated. Clone Records
14. Dj Stingray. NWO. Wémè Records
15. Dj Stingray. Binarycoven. Wémè Records
16. Squarepusher. Tundra 4. Warp
17. Dj Stingray. Straight Up Cyborg. Wémè Records
18. Gangsta Boo. Love Don’ t Live Here Anymore. Loud Records
19. As1. 0 to 60000 MPH. Transient Force
20. Actress. Mentor. Werk Discs
21. Lusine. Excess. Ghostly International
22. Push Button Objects. ATP Track. ATP Records (Autechre Curated lp)
23. Deaf Center. Lamp Mien. Type Recordings

download @ www.54kolaktiv.com -> podcasts. Thanks for listening. Sorry for the rather poor soundquality, need to get me some new needles asap..
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