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The Black Dog - Remixes and Remixed - DJ Set

Posted by MartinDust 3713 days ago techno|
http://www.dogsquad.co.uk — http://www.dogsquad.co.uk/tbd/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/rgb-dog-200.jpg
This is an hour long set we did at an afterparty after a gig, it mainly focuses on tracks we’ve remixed or had remixed for us.

1. Bozzwell - The Woods (In The Woods Mix By The Black Dog) - Society
2. The Black Dog - D.O.G. Style (The Black Dog’s Late Night Porn Mix) - Dust Science
3. The Black Dog - Alt/Dash/Return/Kill (Remixed by Derailleur) - Dust Science
4. Orlando Voorn - Alice (The Black Dog Mix) - cynet:media
5. Vector Lovers - Hush (Bitten By The Black Dog) - Soma Quality Recordings
6. Claude Young - Electronic Dissident 2 (Bitten Hard by The Black Dog) - Dust Science
7. UB313 - Q (The Black Dog Bitez Down On Beatz And Bleepz Mixx) - Fortune8
8. Rubens - Breaking Into Smile (Dog Style Remix) - Herb Recordings
9. Derailleur - Cognate (Bitten Deep By The Black Dog) - Varial
10. The Black Dog - Alt/Dash/Return/Kill (Live at Fuse, Belgium, 2007) - Dust Science
11. The Black Dog - Machine Machina (Remixed by Vector Lovers) - Dust Science
12. The Black Dog - Evoke (Carl Taylor Remix) - Dust Science
13. Bozzwell - The Woods (In The Woods Mix By The Black Dog) - Society

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