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'The Vault' November 21, 2007 feat. Lee Burridge

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Here's the latest archive Anton Bank's show, 'The Vault' November 21, 2007 feat. Lee Burridge: "The Vault airs every other Wednesday night from 9:30 pm until 11:00 am (21:30 to 23:00 US Eastern Time = GMT -5:00) on 88.1 FM WESU... WESU also broadcasts via the internet. Visit the station's website www.wesufm.org for the details."

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Octex, Ervesal, Idei Lahesna, Tehnika
KAB, Document 123, Wir
Openheimer Analysis, The Devil's Dancers, Clone

Sun Electric, Sissy, S**tkatapult
SLG, Earthworm, Trapez
Tom Wax & Boris Alexander, Retro Futurism, Fribee
Red Robin & Jakob Hilden, Tin Soldier, Trapez Ltd
Join Custody, Voodoo People, Traum
Red Robin & Jakob Hilden, A Lazy Jack, Trapez Ltd
SLG, Sswing, Trapez
Let's Go Outside, Meat Head, Soma
The Black Dog, Floods V3.1 Bass Soldier Remix (Loop), Soma
Grand Theft Audio, Keep Moving, Persona
Pablo Escobar, Dos Senoritas Por Favor (Loop), Restructured
Mitch Walcott, Huygen's Probe Activated And Deployed, Wildub
Komplex, Hunted, Not On Label
Mitch Walcott, Re_Treatment 03, Wildub

Set by Lee Burridge
Appears courtesy www.hoojchoons.com, www.fabriclondon.com

Recloose, Four Ways Of Saying Goodbye, Spelunking, Planet-E
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